Uncover These Hidden Costs of Printing

Uncover These Hidden Costs of Printing | Printers Xclusive

Uncover These Hidden Costs of Printing

Any organization looking to save money needn’t look much further than their printer fleet. It’s true that printing is an inevitable part of doing business, but that doesn’t mean you should pay any more than you have to. Knowing where to look for hidden print costs is the first step towards saving; here are some great tips to get you started.

Be More Productive

Productivity levels can drop when time is wasted in line waiting to use an overburdened printer, or another round of repairs on a bargain copier. Place high quality, efficient equipment strategically throughout your office to save both time and money.

Change Your Default Settings

Printer manufacturers set their defaults to single-sided, color prints, which cost the most to produce, when for most departments, double-sided, black and white prints will do.

Make the Right Call

Don’t waste valuable resources by calling your IT department to fix your printer issues: chances are they won’t have the time or knowledge to solve them right away. Consider partnering with a Managed Print Services provider that can solve your printer issues before they impact your productivity.

Conserve Energy

Printer placement can determine how much energy is used, and impact its longevity. An older, inefficient printer placed in a high-volume department creates unnecessarily large energy bills, when a newer Energy Star rated unit is a better, more environmentally friendly option. Relegate your smaller, low volume printers to a private office, or less populated section of the office.

Invest Wisely 

Any printer that looks like a bargain will likely cost you more in supplies and maintenance in its lifetime. Maximize productivity and lower costs, by investing wisely in a solid, quality printer with versatility and built in security.

For more tips on reigning in your print budget, contact one of our Printers Xclusive representatives. In addition to helping you consolidate your resources, we can help ensure proper placement, recommend the most efficient options, and develop a list of print rules to help you start saving immediately.

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