The Right Printer and Processes Can Lower Your Print Costs

The Right Printer and Processes Can Lower Your Print Costs

Even as we’ve moved more toward digitizing the office, paper documents are still a fact of daily life for most businesses. However, when it’s made clear what the actual cost for your print environment and document management is, many business owners are truly shocked!

Haphazard print practices and wasteful habits can be costing you and affecting your bottom line big time. Here are three tips to help you reduce your printing costs.

1. Upgrade Older Printers

While it might seem counterintuitive, buying or leasing a new printer can streamline your operation, reduce waste, and cut costs. For example, if you’re currently spending a lot on maintenance and repairs, you’re not only losing money paying for servicing, you’re also losing time and impacting your productivity when your printer goes down. New technology is more efficient and offers a lower cost per page. 

2. Reduce Your Supply Needs

If your print supplies are ordered in an ad hoc way it could be costing you big time. Your toner and ink cartridges, paper, and other supplies can pile up, unused, or worse become unnecessary. This is common in offices with multiple devices, different models, or multiple brands. Having a single person in charge of ordering can make your print environment more efficient. 

3. Streamline Administrative Workflows

Reducing waste and reprinting by positioning your printer more ergonomically and efficiently can help you save time and money, and boost security. How often are documents printed, left in the printer, lost, and then reprinted? If your team is printing documents from their desks and becoming distracted before retrieving them, needing to reprint can cost you. It can also create security issues with sensitive information. Strategically positioning your device so it is visible to team members who use it can significantly reduce reprinting and reduce waste. Consider initiating pull printing which requires the user to print at the device and you can eliminate waste entirely!

Are you ready to learn more? Contact us today! We’ll help you find the right printer to lower your print costs and help streamline your document processes.

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