Surprising Stats About Printing Costs

Surprising Stats About Printing Costs

Today, in the age of email, digital marketing, and text alerts, printing is still a vital component of every business. Whether it’s for simple in-house use like contracts or outbound materials like brochures or business cards, business printing is an everyday function.

Here are some surprising statistics about print expenses that highlight the importance of controlling and monitoring your print costs.

Nearly 90% of Businesses Don’t Track Print Costs

In an age of budget cutbacks and constraints, it’s pretty eye-opening to find out that so many companies don’t track printing costs. However, according to Buyer’s Laboratory, 90% of companies fail to keep track of printing costs. From toner, to paper and energy, maintaining a print fleet can be expensive.

Document Costs Represent Anywhere From 4 to 15 Percent of Annual Revenues

IDC found that the average business spends anywhere from 5 to 15% of annual revenue on printing costs. Printing is definitely expensive, however, with a few adjustments, you can minimize its impact.

The Average IT Department Spends 15% of its Time on Print-Related Issues

Like any IT resource, printers need to be managed, maintained and repaired when problems arise. The average IT department spends 15% of its time responding to printing issues like software updates, network connectivity, and user assistance.

23% of Help Desk Calls Are Print Related

The average help desk spends 23% of their time dealing with printing-related calls according to IDC. The easiest way to minimize this issue is with proper maintenance and management.

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