Recognizing and Fixing Common Printer Problems

Recognizing and Fixing Common Printer Problems | PrintersXclusive

Recognizing and Fixing Common Printer Problems

What’s more annoying than needing a critical document for a meeting and not being able to print it out? The good news is that many common print problems are actually easy to resolve.

Here are some common problems and the quick fixes that can keep your office equipment up and running.

Problem: Documents Take too Long to Print

The Fix: High-resolution or complex images take longer to print. Try choosing a lower resolution, like draft or standard. Printers have minimal onboard memory. Increasing RAM can speed up printing.

Problem: Paper Jams

The Fix: Paper jams can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some quick fixes:

  • Where is it Located? – Your printer’s control panel will tell you where the jam is located and how to resolve the problem.
  • Use the Right Paper – Make sure the weight of paper you’re using is supported by your device.
  • Open the Paper Tray and Fan the Paper – This removes static electricity which can cause sheets to cling together and jam the printer.
  • Use the Paper Guides – Keep the paper straight so it feeds properly.
  • Check the Paper Path – Make sure it’s clear of paper clips, tape, staples or other debris. Remove anything that’s not supposed to be there.

Problem: Sub Par Print Quality

The Fix: Poor print quality is often paper or driver related. Make sure the paper you use is supported by your device. Check to make sure the driver is current. Make sure the fuser is properly adjusting, if not check the manual for a fix. Quality check the toner cartridge, the imaging unit and fuser for anything that looks unusual.

When in doubt, make sure everything is properly plugged in. If so, power down for five to ten minutes, then reboot. Check the network cable, make sure the WiFi is on and connected. Every machine has its own special quirks. Keep the manual handy for each device.

If these tips don’t help solve your problem, give us a call. We’re always here and ready to help!

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