Print Assessments: Everything You Need to Know

Print Assessments: Everything You Need to Know | PrintersXclusive

Print Assessments: Everything You Need to Know

When was the last time that your organization had a print assessment completed? If you’ve never had one – you are likely paying more than you need to for your printing needs.

What is a print assessment?

A print assessment takes into account actual printing behaviours, volumes and use within your workplace over a predetermined period of time. A fact-based report based on these findings is produced to help business leaders gain a clear understanding of their current printing costs and identify opportunities to reduce these costs.

What is included in a print assessment?

  • Inventory of all print devices, both networked and offline
  • Usage data for each device – black & white and colour volumes
  • Actual printing costs, broken down by page, by device and overall
  • User activities, broken down by the individual user and department
  • Energy use associated with devices
  • Recycling program (or lack thereof)

How are print assessments completed?

Here are three of the most commons ways that print assessments are completed:

  1. Walk around – This is as straightforward as it sounds – taking a walk around the office to take an inventory of all print technology. A configuration sheet printed off first thing in the morning, and a second one printed at the end of the business day can provide a snapshot of daily print volumes. Projections can then be made to estimate the printing volume over the course of a week, month or year.
  2. Software deployment– For a more accurate calculation of your printing volumes and costs, a Managed Print Services provider can deploy software to collect fact-based data on all of your devices.
  3. Onsite professional services – If you operate a larger company with multiple locations, this will be most effective type of print assessment for your organization. This assessment takes a more in depth look and analyzes the data on a larger scale.

Most companies that undergo a print assessment will uncover immediate opportunities for cost savings. For more information on how you can save on printing costs, contact us for a no-obligation print assessment today!


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