Enjoy Secure Printing With The Latest Offerings From Xerox

Enjoy Secure Printing With The Latest Offerings From Xerox

You may not think that your printer or MFP is an access point or endpoint of your network, but it is. Today’s devices are basically personal computers, and as such, are just as vulnerable to hacks and breaches as any other device on your network. This is even more true for wireless printers and MFPs that can be accessed remotely.

At Xerox, printer security is a top priority. That’s why their devices come equipped with several secure print features to protect your most sensitive data.

Xerox Secure Printing Features

Xerox is a trusted provider of secure printing solutions. They offer many standard and optional secure print features for all Xerox printers and multifunction devices, including:

Xerox Secure Print – Don’t let your confidential output sit in the tray, open to prying eyes and at risk of being taken. Secure print allows you to control the print timing of your documents. Just enter a passcode to send your job to the device. The printer holds the document until you enter the same passcode at the device.

Image Overwrite – Electronically “shred” information from your MFP’s hard disk as part of the print process. Electronic deletion can be done automatically, on-demand, or on some devices, scheduled.

Data Encryption – As data moves through your network to your printer or is stored on the device, Xerox secures it with several different encryption protocols including SSL, Transport Layer Security, and IP Security.

Access Control and Authorization – Create user authorization for specific functions. Features like accessing customer data or scanning can be restricted by function and by user. Users can be authorized and granted appropriate access once they are authenticated.

Removable Hard Disk Drive Accessory Kit – This feature allows the system administrator to quickly remove device hard drives and lock them securely for storage.

Built-In Network Security – Many Xerox printers and MFPs include features that protect them from unauthorized remote access. These features protect data as it travels to and from your printer via your network.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Xerox’s latest generation of print security features? Give us a call and let us show you our approach to comprehensive printer security!

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