5 Ways a Managed Print Program Will Benefit Your Business

5 Ways a Managed Print Program Benefits Your Business | Printers Xclusive

5 Ways a Managed Print Program Will Benefit Your Business

Do you have an accurate picture of what your organization is spending on print-related activities? If not, you’re not alone. Surprisingly, a study released by the Gartner Group revealed that 90 percent of businesses don’t how much they spend on print. This statistic is alarming, especially considering that printing is typically an organization’s third largest operating expense behind rent and payroll.

Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider can help you to trim your printing costs by as much as 30 percent and ensure that you have the right technology in place to maximize efficiency in the workplace. Here are several ways that a Managed Print program can help your organization to save money and take control of your print environment:

  1. Conduct a Print Assessment – A Managed Print Services provider will begin the relationship by conducting an assessment of your current print environment. This fact-based report will make you aware of your actual printing costs and help to identify opportunities for significant savings.
  1. Design the Optimal Print Environment – Using the insight that the print assessment provides, a Managed Print Services partner can help you to design the optimal print environment that will eliminate inefficiencies and allow you to streamline workflows.
  1. Provide Access to the Latest Technology – A Managed Print Services partner can help you to procure the latest model printers that align with the needs of your business without straying outside of your budget. Using new print technology will minimize your need for costly service calls and help to ensure that your team does not experience printer downtime.
  1. Strengthen Security – Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing threats against businesses and the printer is a prime target as it often stores sensitive data and can serve as an entry point to your network. A Managed Print Services partner can help prevent your business from becoming a victim of data theft by making sure that your print technology includes the latest security features.
  1. Free Up Your IT Team’s Time – Dealing with print-related issues likely consumes a large chunk of your IT team’s time–time that could be better spent elsewhere. Leaving printer maintenance issues to a Managed Print Services provider allows your IT team to focus on more complex areas that need to be addressed.


Not sure if Managed Print Services is right for your business? Give us a call and let’s start the discussion! We’ll show you how a Managed Print program can add value to your business and offer significant cost savings.

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