3 MFP Features You Need to Know About

3 MFP Features You Need to Know About | PrintersXclusive

3 MFP Features You Need to Know About

For many companies, the multifunction printer represents a significant investment. But, do your employees utilize all of it’s features? Often times, companies don’t take full advantage of these sophisticated machines. Here are some lesser-known features to take advantage of:

Advanced Printing

Any printer can print – but MFPs often offer a variety of advanced printing features, such as:

  • Collate
  • Staple
  • Hole punch
  • Fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Create a cover binding
  • And other advanced printing and folding techniques.

When you put these to use, you can save significant time in producing finished documents.

Many MFPs also use multiple paper drawers, making it easy to switch the type of paper, allowing for a customized final product.


For many purposes, email has replaced faxing – but many modern offices still do need to have a fax machine. When you use a networked MFP for faxing, you can take advantage of your device’s ability to encrypt and send the information over the network to the correct recipient. Often, the fax feature also allows you to record voice messages and forward those over the network as well.


Scanning on a MFP goes beyond taking an image of a document. Instead, your documents can be automatically uploaded to the network. MFPs can utilize encryption and digital signature to help keep your documents secure throughout the process. Optical character recognition allows your documents to be saved as searchable text documents, making retrieval simple. With the use of your scanner, your office can drastically reduce its reliance on paper.

Once you begin to take advantage of the advanced features your MFP offers, you can improve your business and your bottom line. Contact us to learn more how to get the best from your investment.




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